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2019 Harvest

The 2019 growing season started off by being a wet one. We heard the term atmospheric river twice in February which produced 8-10 inches in as short as three day. In March, they officially declared we were in an El Nino year, so all vineyards were nervous but the rainfall became sporadic, giving enough time for the soil to absorb the rain. With all the rainy weather, our bud break was delayed by about one week from 2018 which helped when we had some late cold spells in the valley. Another upside with our delayed bud break was the rain we got in May. The month of May is such an important time for bloom and pollination that requires dry weather, so when rain was seen on the forecast, we were thankful we had a later bud break.  Now we could look forward to the rest of the growing season.

 Our summer started off with some early triple digit days in June and that established the pace for the berry set that was looking good. We noticed with all the rain from earlier in the year, the vine canopy was abundant. July had very moderate temperatures which helps our irrigation supply so we could use our available water later in the season. We waited through August and September with modest temps and were finally gearing up for harvest. Our first pick for the 2019 harvest came on October 4th with our Viognier. We then waited until October 15th to start with some Cabernet Franc and we were off with the picking races. We continued to pick every day until October 30th which was our official last day of the 2019 Harvest!