Yates Family Vineyard

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Whitney is September
Having been visiting the vineayrd Whitney's whole life, her passion for the land and winemaking has been a taught from an early age.

As a kid visiting the vineyard, what was your most enjoyable activity to do? Definitely Jeep rides! Rides with Grandpa Alden in the old Willy's jeep, or wild rides in our yellow Jeep with our Uncle Van behind the wheel. We would put as many of us cousins as we could fit and giggle with every bump we hit. Van would also add some creepy story when we would go on night rides that would give me goosebumps.
Working side by side with family has it challenges and benefits, what is your favorite or least favorite part? The best part of working for family is the freedom of speech. When you are related to everyone you work with, you don't have to hold your tongue or watch what you say. No political correctness in this office! The worse part is you always bring work home with you. It's hard to turn off your work brain and turn on your weekend brain. But you get to share that with family, so it's a balancing act for sure. 
If you could ask your future self a questions, what would it be?
When you and your sister came up with the Sisters blend, did you try to outrank since you are older with what the blend should be? Out rank my Sister on my blending skills, of course! But since I've been in the business longer than her, I've been able to teach her a thing or two. But honestly being able to sit at a table and blend wine with my Sister is one of my favorite parts of my job. We get to reflect on an entire year of winemaking and put our final touches on a wine we are proud of. 
Would you rather give up wine or chocolate? I guess I COULD give up chocolate, but give up wine.... NO WAY! That would just be sad. I love wine! My favorite part of wine is being here, in the Napa Valley and remembering the growing season from each year. I have a pretty good memory for that kind of thing.