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May is for Mary (it's her birthday Month!)

If you don't know Mary Yates, she is the usually the lady behind the communications if it calling the office or sending an email. Mary has been working with her family since 2007 and still enjoys it, sometimes :) |

How do you usually spend your birthday?Since my birthday is always close to Memorial Day or is Memorial Day (like this year), I try to plan a trip with the family. Usually it includes camping, a lake, and the family.
If you aren’t drinking wine, what is in your glass?
Is this a trick question (haha), if I am not drinking wine, I would say I enjoy a martini, half vodka half gin (aka a Vesper) with a lemon twist or a Dark and Stormy. 
Where can we find you on Friday evening?
Well during the Summer, we have Friday Nite Lights, a night of music down by the Napa River at Veterans park featuring small local bands. Todd and I take the kids down there almost every Friday to hang out together, dance a little (minus Todd, he is not much of a dancer!), and picnic. Usually with a bottle of Viognier and Fleur de Veeder “Merlot.”  
Mary if you were stranded on a desert island, what wine would you take with you?
Oh, that is an easy one, I would take our Cheval “Cabernet Franc.” It is such a unique wine with a lot of complexity and I think it almost always changes with whatever meal you have to accompany it. I wouldn’t get tired of it there.