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June is for Love in Yates Family

In our family, June is the month of Love as we celebrate not just one but TWO wedding anniversaries. It was 43 years ago that Mike and  Lynn Yates said “I Do” on June 18th on an empty lot down  the road from Lynn's parents’ house(it was the 70s people!!) in Corona del Mar, CA. Five years ago on June 13th Whitney Yates and Ryan Silva professed there love together at Timber Cove in Jenner, CA. Since then they have welcomed a daughter, Lillian Wallace, in May 2018 and are raising Hannah Rose, Whitney's 10 year old daughter. To learn more about our couple, we asked them a few qustions below!

As a couple, what was your first concert you attended?
Mike & Lynn (M&L) - We attended a Grateful Dead and Santana concert at (the) Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, CA
Ryan & Whitney (R&W) - It was a lovely evening in Davis, CA watching Primus. Ryan couldn't remember exactly but was sure that Whitney was hooting, hollering and dancing along with the band, as she is famous for those antics!
What drinks were served at your wedding?
M&L - It is hard to remember back that far, but if our memory serves us correctly there were kegs of Budweiser, Blue Nun wines (a German Wine Brand) and some Hearty Burgundy that Mike's dad insisted on being served as he loved his Burgundy's!
R&W - Since we are both in the wine industry, we had to of course support our employers! We served Napa Cellars Pinot Noir and Yates Viognier, along with our Cabernet Sauvignon. I am sure the Whiskey came out towards the evening and for our beer drinkers, Sierra Nevada to get back to Whitney's roots.
What is your favorite activity to do together?
M&L - We enjoy finding a nice a nice quiet river (mainly the Fall River) to do some Fly Fishing. Mike's dad, Alden Yates (our Reserve is named after him), taught Mike at an early age to fly fish and he took what he knew and taugh Lynn how to fish. 
R&W - With the kids at home, we love our family mini dance parties in our backyard wiht our girls and a drink in our hands!
What is your dream vacation?
M&L - That is an easy one, enjoying the beach in Hana, HI with a drink in our cup.
R&W - Drinking our way through Scotland and seeing some castles