Yates Family Vineyard

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2018 Harvest

Our 2018 harvest started with an abundant rainfall in February that leads right into the saying spring showers bring bud break or something like that. Our bud break and bloom came around the same time at 2017 or maybe a slight later. We had a warm summer with generous amount of sun to move us right into verasion in late July. It took us a little while to gear up for harvest, but once October hit it was game on.

We had planned to pick our Viognier on October 1st but with just a little fall rain, we were pushed off until October 3rd, our official 1st day of the 2018 Harvest! After that the picking frenzy began and we picked grapes every day, except Sunday of course, thru October 24th. We then waited about a week to get some of longer ripening Cabernet Franc the 1st week of November. Our last official day of Harvest was November 8th which was a mix of emotion of a day. We were excited to wrap up the 2018 Harvest, but it was also the day the only hometown the Yates girls know, Paradise, caught fire and will never be the same again. #paradisestrong