Yates Family Vineyard

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2017 Harvest

Our harvest started out in mid-September, much like many other Harvest.  First we brought in our Viognier on September 13th. Then for the remaining days of September we picked for a few of our grapes clients while waiting for our Reds to come to full maturity. But on the night of Oct. 8th, three large wild fires broke out in Napa County; one on the east side of the Valley and two on the west side hills. By Tuesday the 10th, the vineyard was evacuated because the two fires burning in our hills were about to emerge into one fire… and according to the satellite map… they were going to become one on our property.

We waited a few agonizing days for any word about our property and finally we got permission to be escorted by a local sheriff to see the property. The vineyard and building were spared! We were finally allowed back on the property on Oct. 18th to start picking our grapes again. Our hearts were heavy and the air was full of smoke… but our grapes hung in there for us. We pulled in our resources from neighboring vineyards and finished harvest on Oct. 25th, with a pick of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.